The perfect combination of design and performance, COEN composite screening seamlessly compliments modern architecture, is low maintenance, and great for hard to reach places.

+ What is Composite Wood Screening?

COEN composite screening is an eco-friendly, engineered wood – manufactured using 90% recycled materials. With a long life span and superior ecological sustainability to timber, our screening products will not bow, warp or twist. COEN Composite Wood resists mould, water and sun damage, providing minimal colour fading due to our UV stabilisers. For a product that offers a timeless aesthetic and outstanding performance, trust COEN composite timber screening.

When ordering with COEN, you’ll have a choice of many modern screening designs across a variety of sizes to suit any application. Being both durable and fire resistant, composite timber screening provides a superior and greener solution to that of any natural timber or synthetic product. Composite timber screening is suitable for applications across hospitality and interior fit-outs, garden and landscape exterior projects, residential, multi-residential, commercial, and retail facilities.

Oak-Screening-360x270  Jarrah-Screening-360x270  Ash-Grey-Screening-360x270  Charcoal-Screening-360x270

Defining outdoor living

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Solid Composite Screening Range

Composite Wood Screening Product Application Product View Profile Size
(width x thickness)
72 x 11mm solid composite timber deck screening, wall panelling or trim CN-13-f1_73x12-e1513842603864  CN-13-F1_73x12mm  72x11mm x 4m
30 x 30mm Solid Composite Timber Screening or Trim0 CN-022_40x40  CN-023_40x40  30x30mm x 4m
40 x 40mm Solid Composite Timber Screening or Trim CN-023  CN-023_40x40  40x40mm x 4m

1.8m and 3m available

50 x 50mm Solid Composite Timber Screening or Trim CN_024_50x50  CN-023_40x40  50x50mm x 4m
75 x 25mm Solid Composite Timber Screening, Wall Panelling or Trim CN-029  CN_025_100X26  75x25mm x 4m
100 x 25mm Solid Composite Timber Screening, Wall Panelling or Trim CN-029  CN_025_100X26  100x25mm x 4m

Hollow Composite Wood Screening Range

Composite Wood Product Application Product View Profile Size
(width x thickness)
50 x 50mm Hollow Composite Timber Screening or Facades CN-203  50x50_compositescreening_sml-300x300  50x50mm x 4m
90 x 40mm Hollow Composite Timber Screening or Garden Screening CN-205  90x40_Hollow-Composite-Timber-Screening_sml-360x161  90x40mm x 4m
100 x 50 mm Hollow Composite Timber Screening  CN-028  100x50-Hollow-Composite-Timber-Screening_sml-360x181  100x50mm x 4m
End Caps – Various Sizes to Fit All Hollow Screening end-caps-final-200x105  End-Cap-200x78  50x50mm, 90x40mm, 100x50mm

(Please note each length of screening will come with one end cap, additional end caps are sold separately and required to be glued on.)

Designed to look and feel like natural timber.

Engineered for performance, durability and longevity.

Highly resistant to termites, moisture, fire and damage from UV rays.

Quick and easy installation with no splintering or warping.

Adds a beautiful design element to interior and exterior applications.

COEN’s Composite Wood Screening Colour Range

Image is only an indication of colour and may vary

Jarrah Oak Ash Grey Charcoal
CN-C110-Jarrah  CN-Oak_web-185x300  CN-C101-Ash-grey  CN-C109-Charcoal

Sanded Wood Grain Finish

Sanding or brushing composite screening products results in a finish that enhances the natural colour changes of timber. The texture and highlights of a sanded finish are perfect for applications across residential landscapes, hospitality, and commercial spaces.

Offering a world class aesthetic without warping, bowing, or splitting, this low maintenance composite screening lends itself to a variety of solutions – from privacy considerations to making a bold interior statement. Request a sample today.


Composite timber screening is a type of construction material made from a combination of wood fibres, plastic, and binding agents. It is designed to mimic the appearance and texture of traditional timber while offering enhanced durability and longevity with no maintenance.

There are several key benefits of using composite screening over traditional timber screening. Firstly, composite timber is highly resistant to rot, termites, and other pests, making it ideal for outdoor applications. It is also less prone to warping, splitting or cracking due to its inherent stability and resistance to moisture.

Additionally, our range of composite wood screening requires minimal maintenance, as it does not require regular staining, sealing, or painting like traditional timber. It retains its colour and appearance over time, reducing the need for upkeep while being more affordable than other timber screening options.

The installation of composite screening is relatively straightforward. It typically involves securing the boards / battens to a supporting structure using timber or metal fix screws. Pre-drilling may be necessary to prevent splitting. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about installation or if you’d like to request a sample.

Maintenance of composite screening is hassle-free. Occasional cleaning with mild soap and water, along with an annual pressure washing is usually sufficient to keep it in good condition.

Composite screening is available in a range of standard colours. However, it can be painted with a water based paint – but this does defeat the purpose of a maintenance free product. COEN offers a variety of colour options to suit different aesthetic preferences, allowing you to have a customised product without the need for additional painting or staining.

Experience the beauty and durability of COEN’s composite timber screening today! Discover the perfect blend of natural aesthetics and modern technology in all our products.


Elevate the function and sophistication of any residential or commercial space with beautiful composite wood screening from COEN’s composite wood products range. Our premium screening products are manufactured with only the most resilient materials, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team today for expert advice on our range of composite timber screening products. Get in touch by calling 1800 105 031, emailing, or by filling out our online contact form.

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