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How do you maintain composite wood?2023-01-06T18:16:57+00:00

To maintain composite wood, it’s important to keep it clean and free of debris. This can be done by regularly sweeping the surface with a soft-bristled broom or using a garden hose to wash away any dirt or grime. Additionally, you must periodically inspect the composite wood for signs of damage.

How long does composite wood last?2023-10-25T23:54:02+00:00

Composite wood can last for a long time, but the specific lifespan will depend on various factors, including the quality of the material, the intended use of the product and the way it’s maintained. In general, however, composite environmentally friendly timber can last for 30 years or more. COEN composite wood products feature industry-leading warranties of up to 25 years!

Can composite wood be painted or stained?2023-01-06T18:14:47+00:00

Yes, composite wood can be finished similarly to natural wood. This means you can use a wide range of paint and stain products to give it the desired colour and appearance.

Can you build furniture with composite wood?2023-01-06T18:14:20+00:00

Composite wood is not as strong as hardwood, but it can still be used to make furniture. You must use the right glue and proper joinery techniques to keep your furniture together. Composite wood has long since been used to create cabinets and tables.

Does composite wood need to be sealed?2023-10-25T23:56:43+00:00

No, composite wood does not need to be sealed because it’s already treated with a waterproofing agent, which protects it from moisture damage. This makes it ideal for environmentally friendly decking construction.

Does composite wood hold up?2023-10-25T23:58:20+00:00

Yes, composite wood can be very durable and long-lasting. It’s resistant to many factors that can damage natural wood, such as rot, insect infestation and moisture. This makes it a popular choice for outdoor applications, such as environmentally friendly decking and furniture.

What is composite wood made of?2024-05-02T00:04:40+00:00

The composition of composite wood can vary depending on the manufacturer and the material’s intended use. COEN composite wood, however, is made by mixing 60% wood powder with 28% HDPE and 10% additives, creating a sustainable form of environmentally friendly timber. This mixture creates a robust and durable material often used in decking, cladding, screening, fencing or making timber sleepers. Browse our product range today!

What is Composite Wood?2018-07-12T01:47:38+00:00

Composite wood is  the future of building; which is often referred to as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), Plastic Decking or Composite Decking. Composite wood is made via a process of combining recycled wood flour, plastics and binding agents, then extruding them into various products. COEN is a co-engineered product which uses the latest technology to produce a superior and consistent composite wood.

What is COEN Composite Wood made from?2021-06-22T04:17:17+00:00

The journey for manufacturing COEN Composite Wood starts with high quality base materials. There are 3 basic ingredients. Wood flour, made from recycled and rejected manufactured wood products, recycled plastics with HDPE compounds and additives for bonding, UV & insect protection etc. Each raw product is tested to ensure the purest of raw material, and rejected if any substance such as Asbestos, Formaldehydes are present. By mixing 60% wood powder with 30% HDPE and 10% additives, then extruding through our modern CNC high pressure / temperature extrusion machines, you end up with a high quality COEN product.

Is COEN recycled?2018-07-12T01:55:34+00:00

Yes.  COEN products are made from 88% recycled product, in wood flour and HDPE plastics.  As part of our manufacturing process, we also recycle off cuts and any rejects from this process.

Are the products consistent?2020-07-22T05:28:14+00:00

All COEN products are manufactured with premium raw products that are tested, then fed into the latest extrusion machines to produce products with consistent width, thickness, patterns and colours. This consistency gives builders less headaches when installing your COEN products, as there is no warping or twisting. Saving you time and money

Does it warp?2017-06-06T02:30:57+00:00

COEN Products do not warp, twist or bend when stored and installed correctly.

Why do I need to leave a gap?2017-06-06T02:15:33+00:00

All Composite Woods have a lineal thermal expansion rate.  As COEN products use high quality raw products and 60% wood flour, their lineal expansion isn’t as high as other composite wood.  We suggest a 2mm to 4mm gap at each end of your COEN product to cater for any thermal expansion.

Does it expand?2017-06-06T02:15:47+00:00

Only linearly, COEN products don’t grow thermally in width and thickness.

Will it splinter or crack?2017-06-06T02:16:03+00:00

Due to the raw material and our manufacturing processes, COEN products won’t splinter or crack.

What lengths are available?2021-06-22T04:19:35+00:00

COEN products come in standard lengths; however, if you require a specific length, please let us know and we can have it customised.

COEN Decking comes in a standard 5.4m length; or can be cut to size with a minimum order quantity.  COEN cladding comes in a standard 4m length; or can be cut to size up to 4m.  Our Fencing panel range comes in a standard 1.83m length.

What colours are available?2021-06-22T04:20:46+00:00

COEN has 4 stock colours available, with a greater range available on request.  Under each product guide or brochure, you’ll see our range and finishes/textures.  We are sure one of our beautiful colours will fit your aesthetic needs.

We now also have the new Genesis Decking and Cladding range with 6 beautiful colours to choose from.

Will my product fade?2018-07-12T01:54:33+00:00


Typically COEN products only fade 3% to 5% within the first 3 months, after this time the colouring remains stable.

I want to paint it. Is that ok?2018-07-12T01:57:32+00:00

Absolutely, and there are a few different methods and paint types you can use.  However, composites are both financially and time effective; as such there is no need to paint or seal COEN products.

If you do wish to paint a COEN product surface, please contact us at info@coen.com.au or on 1800 105 031.

How do you clean it?2018-07-12T01:59:02+00:00

Cleaning COEN Composite Wood is simple – please see the Care & Maintenance sections in each product guide.

Tip – as soon as you have a spill on your composite product, like most organic products, clean it straight away as per the Care & Maintenance instructions.

Does it get mouldy?2018-07-12T02:00:03+00:00

No – COEN composite wood is an extruded product that has built-in additives that give the products stability with an anti-mould agent.  Like any product, if water does pool for long periods, mould will form; however, with COEN Composite products this mould does not penetrate the product surface; therefore it is easy to clean off.

Do I need to oil or stain it?2018-07-12T02:01:38+00:00

No – this is the beauty of COEN Composite products. Once installed, sit back, admire and enjoy the time you now have rather than re-staining as needed with wood products.

Additionally, 18 months down the track you will have saved $1,000 per 20sqm, due to no ongoing staining, oiling or painting requirements.

Can I use chalk lines?2021-06-22T04:23:13+00:00

Yes – Chalk lines are used to mark multiple boards for precise cutting

Does it meet Australian standards and building codes?2018-07-12T02:02:14+00:00

Yes – COEN Composite Wood has undergone rigorous testing through CSIRO and University or Queensland to meet AS/NZ standards that are aligned to several building codes depending on each application. It is best to seek advice from a Building Certifier on where our products can be used in Type A & B buildings.

Is it fire resistant?2017-06-06T02:20:27+00:00

Yes – our products are tested to AS/NZ 1350.3 & AS/NZ 3837. Please consult a Buildings Certifier to confirm where the products can be used in type A & B buildings.

Is it termite resistant?2018-07-12T02:02:52+00:00

Yes – Termites don’t like our composite products, which is great as it gives you piece of mind knowing COEN Composite Wood will deter the little buggers for your outdoor building projects.

Can it be used around pools?2018-07-12T02:03:26+00:00

Yes – COEN Composite Wood is water proof and is a great product for pool areas.  Our Decking products are tested to AS/NZ 4586 “Slip Test”, so you can enjoy your outdoor areas knowing COEN products have been tested for pool side applications.

Can it be scratched or dented?2021-06-22T04:24:14+00:00

Like most organic material, Composite material does scratch and dent, however no more than a wood product. In addition, scratches can be easily removed by using steel wool, and there’s no need to treat the area after wards.

How long will it last?2021-06-22T04:30:12+00:00

Our product warranty range is for 15 – 25 years

How do I install it?2018-07-12T01:46:19+00:00

Installation is simple and easy – please see the installation guides for each product range.  If you need assistance, feel free to call on 1800 105 031 or email info@coen.com.au for more information.

What fasteners do I need to use?2021-06-22T04:30:50+00:00

There are a range of fasteners and starter clips for each product and we’ll help you decide which are best for your COEN product and its application.  Screws, stainless steel clips and plastic clips are about all you need. Each come in a pack of 100 or 200 and you will need approximately 18 / sqm.

Are there special tools required for working with it?2018-07-12T02:05:38+00:00

No – any tools you use for timber, you can use with COEN Composite Wood products.  Like wood products, you need to be careful when cutting / sawing that you don’t “chip” the ends when cutting.

How should it be stored and handled?2018-07-12T02:10:12+00:00

Storage is simple – store flat, dry and out of the sun under cover.  Keep your COEN products wrapped in the packaging it arrives in.  If you need to store your COEN products for a period longer than expected, or have a delay in your project, call us at COEN and we’ll store your product for you for an agreed price & period of time.

How do I work out how much I need?2021-06-22T04:34:10+00:00

“Too easy” – simply log onto our web site, go to our Decking product sections and there you’ll see “Decking Calculator”, which gives you up to 3 areas for your project to calculate in lineal meters and square meters, along with your specified product sizes and how many pieces of COEN product you need for your project.

How much does it cost?2018-07-12T02:12:29+00:00

Once you’ve calculated how much you need simply multiply by the RRP next to each product for your $ price. For larger projects and contracted customers, please call COEN or email us directly through the Request a Quote or Contact Form and we’ll call to discuss the right pricing for your project needs.

Where do I buy it?2018-07-12T02:14:37+00:00

COEN is here to help you through your purchase process. When on our website, you can calculate the amount of product you need and then either complete the Contact form, call us on 1800 105 031 or email info@coen.com.au.

We have a warehouse at the Port of Brisbane with a 1 to 7 day lead time. If we need to have your product manufactured we have an ISO accredited manufacturing plant in China, so allow 35 to 45 days for it to arrive in the Brisbane Port.

Can I get a sample?2018-07-12T02:15:30+00:00

Absolutely.  Please call us on 1800 105 031 or email us at info@coen.com.au and we’ll be happy to organise a sample of what you need, right to your door.

I want a custom design2018-07-12T02:16:07+00:00

Sure – as we are the manufacturer we can work with you to help design a product, within our range, that is specific to your design and aesthetic needs.

Just call on 1800 105 031 or email us at info@coen.com.au

Is there a guarantee or warranty?2021-06-22T04:35:31+00:00

Yes – our products have a 15 – 25 year warranty on manufacturing defect.  If you do have an issue with any of our products, call us on 1800 105 031 and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a visit and speak with you about any issue you may be experiencing.

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