The future of building.

COEN Composite Wood is an eco-friendly, engineered wood product, designed to outlast natural timber. It’s the future of building.

Our superior product is a mix of 60% recycled wood flour, 30% recycled HDPE plastic and 10% bonding agent, extruded in a variety of profiles, including decking, cladding, screening and fencing.


How is it made?



Composite Wood represents significant environmental, time and cost savings when compared to natural timber products.

Environmental Impact 90% recycled wood & plastic Degradation of land and natural hardwood forests
Maintenance Minimal, only needs cleaning as required – approx 80% to 90% less than wood Every 12 months – sanding, re-painting, staining or sealing
Longevity Minimum 15 to 20 years once installed correctly 3 to 6 years depending on the maintenance, termite treatments and installation
Fading Stable after 3 months Significant if not treated correctly
Moisture & Rotting No rotting – is water resistant Absorbs water, likely to rot after 2 to 3 years or before pending conditions and regular maintenance
Termites Termite resistant Requires continual treatments to prevent termite infestation
Warping Stable due to raw product and extrusion technologies Naturally distorts depending on moisture and temperature
Splitting Does not crack due to aging Cracks are a natural course of aging