With minimal maintenance and product durability, our composite cladding products offer you long term cost savings while delivering high design aesthetics.

+ What is Composite Timber Cladding?

COEN composite timber cladding is the green alternative to traditional cladding products manufactured using either timber or cement sheeting products. Our range is suitable for applications across residential, multi-residential, commercial and retail, education and aged care facilities, hospitality and interior fit-outs. Manufactured with recycled materials, all of our composite wood products are resistant to termites, water and fire.

Composite timber cladding provides a superior longevity and durability to that of any timber counterpart while maintaining the look and feel of natural timber. With fire safety as a number one priority for any cladding product, our composite timber cladding is fire tested and rated at a level 3+ [AS NZ 3837].

+ Composite Timber Product


Designed to outlast natural timber.

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Composite Timber Cladding Range

Composite Wood Product Product View Profile Section Size (width x thickness) RRP Price per metre
Composite Timber Shiplock Cladding CN-04E_sml-e1494656859588 CN-shiplock-cladding_smlweb-360x96 146x21mmx5.4m Price Enquiry
Composite Timber Weatherboard Cladding CN-04D_sml-1-e1494656844331 CN-04D-185x30MM_smlweb 165×27.5mm Price Enquiry
Composite Timber Chamfer Cladding CN-W003-1  CN-W003_165x22mm_smlweb 150x20mm Price Enquiry
Composite Timber Corner Trim for Decking and Cladding CN-S-e1542333675710 CN-S_56x51mm_smlweb 55x45mmx4m Price Enquiry
72 x 11mm Solid Composite Timber Trim CN-13-f1_73x12-e1513842603864 CN-13-F1_73x12mm 72x11mmx5.4 Price Enquiry
32 x 32mm Solid Composite Timber Trim CN-022_40x40 CN-023_40x40 32x32mmx5.4 Price Enquiry
40 x 40mm Solid Composite Timber Trim Cn-023 CN-023_40x40 40x40mmx5.4 Price Enquiry

COEN Composite Wood Cladding looks and feels like natural timber.

Our Composite Timber Cladding boards are engineered for durability and longevity.

Perfectly suited for the outdoors being highly resistant to fire, termites and mould.

Benefit from a quick and easy installation process with no splintering or warping.

Suitable for a range of exterior and interior applications, with minimal maintenance.

COEN’s Composite Timber Cladding Colour Range

Our Composite Wood Cladding range comes in a selection of standard timber colours – Jarrah, Oak, Ash Grey or Charcoal.
To suit your exact project requirements we can also customise our composite wood, with custom colours of Brown and Teak available upon request.

Jarrah Oak Ash Grey Charcoal
CN-C110-Jarrah CN-C105-Oak CN-C101-Ash-grey CN-C109-Charcoal

Embossed Wood Grain Finish

COEN Composite Wood’s manufacturing process of embossing the finish adds texture and appeal to the composite cladding. Mimicking the natural colour changes of timber cladding, with light reflecting from the grain imprints creating definition and refinement. The embossed wood grain finish is perfect for applications in commercial fitouts such as corporate headquarters, hospitality settings and areas where you want to add a sense of luxury to exteriors and entrances alike.

Composite wood with an embossed finish allows the product to look aesthetically identical to the natural timber counterpart, while providing the benefits of termite resistance, water and mould resistance and uv stability. For a low maintenance option, look no further than COEN wood.


Sanded Wood Grain Finish

For a completely polished and refined aesthetic, the sanded wood grain finish on our composite timber cladding will create a real impact on your next project. The highlights and texture of a sanded or brushed finish lend themselves to high-end residential projects and those within the commercial and retail spaces.

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, COEN Composite Wood really is the superior choice of composite timber cladding. Adding a sense of design and architectural intrigue, our range of cladding – from shiplock, weatherboard to chamfer cladding – will deliver long term cost savings across the lifetime of your building.

COEN Composite Timber Cladding Fixings

Product Application Product Items per
square metre
Items per pack
Stainless Steel Starter Clip IMG_2562 Starting Clip 20
Stainless steel installation clips
for Cladding CN-W-008
CN-A-027 20 per sqm 1000pcs

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