With minimal maintenance and product durability, our composite cladding products offer you long term cost savings while delivering high design aesthetics.

+ What is Composite Timber Cladding?

COEN composite timber cladding is the green alternative to traditional cladding products manufactured using either timber or cement sheeting products. Our range is suitable for applications across residential, multi-residential, commercial and retail, education and aged care facilities, hospitality and interior fit-outs. Manufactured with recycled materials, all of our composite wood products are resistant to termites, water and fire.

Composite timber cladding provides a superior longevity and durability to that of any timber counterpart while maintaining the look and feel of natural timber. With fire safety as a number one priority for any cladding product, our composite timber cladding is fire tested and rated at a level 3+ [AS NZ 3837].


Designed to outlast natural timber, composite cladding is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to its traditional counterpart. It is made from recycled wood fibres, plastics and additives, making it durable without the maintenance of timber.

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Composite Timber Cladding Range

At COEN, we offer a range of composite timber cladding products suitable for various commercial and residential applications.

From classic and contemporary styles like Shiplap and modern architectural designed castellated cladding, we have a composite cladding product that suits any design aesthetic.

Please note, when installing the castellated cladding you must leave a 1.5mm gap between the tongue and groove.

Composite Wood Product Product View Profile Section Size (width x thickness)
Composite Timber Shiplap Cladding Beach-Shiplap-Join-360x119  CN-shiplock-cladding_smlweb-360x96  156 x 21mm x 5.4m
Composite Timber Castellated Cladding Marine-Teak-Castellated-Cladding-360x201  castellated-cladding  220 x 28mm x 2.9m
Composite Timber Castellated Cladding Starter Piece Cast-Clad-Starter-1-150x150  Castellated-Cladding-Starter-Piece  50 x 47mm x 2.9m
Composite Timber Castellated Cladding Corner Piece Marine-Teak-Corner-Piece-150x150  CAstellated-Cladding-Corner-Piece  50 x 50mm x 2.9m

COEN Composite Wood Cladding looks and feels like natural timber.

Our Composite Timber Cladding boards are engineered for durability and longevity.

Perfectly suited for the outdoors being highly resistant to fire, termites and mould.

Benefit from a quick and easy installation process with no splintering or warping.

Suitable for a range of exterior and interior applications, with minimal maintenance.

COEN’s Composite Timber Cladding Colour Range

Our Composite Wood Cladding range comes in a selection of standard timber colours.
Image is only an indication of colour and may vary.

Beach Marine Teak Shale Grey Charcoal
Beach-Cladding-185x300  Marine-Teak-Cladding-185x300  Shale-Grey-Cladding-185x300  Charcoal-Cladding_-185x300

Brushed Wood Grain Finish

COEN Composite Wood’s manufacturing process of embossing the finish adds texture and appeal to the composite cladding. Mimicking the natural colour changes of timber cladding, with light reflecting from the grain imprints creating definition and refinement. The brushed wood grain finish is perfect for applications in commercial fitouts such as corporate headquarters, hospitality settings and areas where you want to add a sense of luxury to exteriors and entrances alike.

Composite wood with an brushed finish allows the product to look aesthetically identical to the natural timber counterpart, while providing the benefits of termite resistance, water and mould resistance and uv stability. For a low maintenance option, look no further than COEN wood.


COEN Composite Timber Cladding Fixings

Our composite timber cladding fixing has been designed to ensure a strong, secure, long-lasting hold, suitable for any commercial or residential projects in varying conditions.

Product Application Product Items per
square metre
Items per pack
Stainless Steel Starter Clip IMG_2562  Starting Clip 20
Galvanised Steel Cladding Screw


Cladding-Screw  18 1000
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Check out COEN’s composite wood cladding image gallery to see examples of completed projects and get inspiration for your project. Here, we showcase various styles, colours and finishes that have worked for our clients, and we are confident you’ll love them too!


Composite cladding is a building material created from two or more distinct components. It usually comprises a covering material like aluminium or PVC and a core substance like wood fiber or polythene. Because of its strength, weather resistance and minimal maintenance requirements, composite timber cladding is frequently utilised on building facades. In addition, it offers a sustainable and environmentally responsible substitute for conventional natural timber cladding.

Wood fibres, plastic and other additives are used to create composite cladding. The materials’ precise composition may change depending on the manufacturer and the particular product. Nevertheless, the mixture often consists of bonding chemicals, sawdust, wood flour and recovered plastics.

The product’s type and quality, the project’s size and the installation method are some variables that affect the cost of composite cladding. The composite cladding price is generally similar to conventional wood cladding. However, it could be more expensive because of the additional cost of manufacturing the composite materials.

Composite cladding can be installed using various methods, including face fixing, secret fixing and combining both. The exact installation method will depend on the specific product and the project’s requirements. It is recommended to consult with a professional installer or the manufacturer’s installation guidelines to ensure proper installation and avoid any issues with the longevity of your composite timber cladding.

When installing the castellated cladding you must leave a 1.5mm gap between the tongue and groove.