COEN Composite Wood fencing range includes both Panel and Batten Fencing to define outdoor living spaces with a contemporary, low maintenance product.

+ What is Composite Timber Fencing

COEN composite timber fencing is a fully engineered wood product manufactured from 88% of recycled materials, offering superior performance and value over the lifetime of the product.

Panel Fencing

Composite timber fence panels provide a modern design solution with a quick and easy installation system. Durable and low maintenance, they are suitable for applications across residential, multi-residential, commercial and retail, education and aged care facilities.

Batten Fencing

Composite timber batten fencing provides a contemporary solution to garden screening and perimeter fencing, offering superior longevity in all weather conditions with time consuming maintenance.

+ Composite Timber Batten and Panel Fencing


Defining outdoor living

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Composite Timber Fencing Profiles

Composite Wood Product Product View Profile Section Size (width x thickness) RRP Price per metre
160mm Composite Timber Fencing Panel  CN-303  panel-fencing_160x20mm 160 x 20 x 1830mm Price Enquiry
216mm Composite Timber Fencing Panel CN-210 panel-fencing_216x20mm 216 x 20 x 1830mm Price Enquiry
72 x 11mm Solid Composite Timber Fencing Batten or Screening CN-13-f1_73x12-e1513842603864 CN-13-F1_73x12mm 72x11mmx5.4 Price Enquiry
32 x 32mm Solid Composite Timber Fencing Batten or Screening CN-022_40x40 CN-023_40x40 32x32mmx5.4 Price Enquiry
40 x 40mm Solid Composite Timber Fencing Batten or Screening Cn-023 CN-023_40x40 40x40mmx5.4 Price Enquiry

Additional sizes, designs and textures available on request. Posts and caps also available. Profiles and Pictures are indicative only. Contact us for samples.

Modern design that looks and feels like natural timber.

Engineered for durability and longevity to meet Australian Standards.

Composite Timber Fencing requires minimal maintenance, suitable for a range of applications.

Quick and easy installation process with no splintering, warping or twisting.

Highly resistant to termites, moisture and damage from UV rays.

COEN’s Composite Timber Fencing Colour Range

COEN Wood manufacture composite fencing in a range of standard timber colours.
Panel fencing is available in Charcoal as Standard.
Batten Fencing is available in Jarrah, Oak, Ash Grey or Charcoal as standard with custom colours available upon request.

Jarrah Oak Ash Grey Charcoal
CN-C110-Jarrah CN-C105-Oak CN-C101-Ash-grey CN-C109-Charcoal
Available in Batten Fencing Available in Batten Fencing Available in Batten Fencing Available in Batten and
Panel Fencing

Composite Timber Panel Fencing

Sanded Finish with Optional Groove Detail

COEN Composite Wood’s manufacturing process allows the composite timber to look and feel like natural timber. Your project takes on the aesthetics of the warmth and tonality of natural timber, while gaining the benefits of termite resistance, water resistance and uv stability.

Our fencing panels have the option groove detail on one side for additional architectural detail, or the full panel to other. The texture and appeal of a sanded finish mimics the natural colour changes of timber fencing, with the suns rays reflecting off the composite timber. I Save n areas of landscape and exterior design, the product is cooler to touch than natural timber, making it perfect for seating and pool fencing in both domestic and commercial applications.


Composite Timber Batten Fencing

Sanded Wood Grain Finish

Composite timber batten fencing is perfect for garden screening and perimeter fencing, with a choice of sizes to suit any application. Being both durable and fire resistant, composite timber batten fencing provides a superior and green solution to that of any natural timber or synthetic product.

Created for the Australian outdoors and designed to compliment modern architecture and landscapes, designing and building with COEN batten fencing is simple with results that will look good for years to come.


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