Enjoy outdoor living at its pinnacle with COENs uniquely designed composite wood products. Designed for the Australian climate, our composite wood allows you to spend time outside all year round without the stress of constant maintenance. Want that stunning timber aesthetic? Our modern selection provides just that. From decking and cladding to fencing and outdoor furniture, we can provide you with a complete exterior setup that elevates the look of your home.

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Modern Alternative Wood Products


Composite Decking

Created specifically for the Aussie outdoors, COEN composite wood has been designed to tie modern architecture and landscaping together beautifully, elevating the look of your home for years to come. Manufactured using 90% recycled materials, you can now build your desired deck with confidence knowing you’re making a sustainable difference.


Composite Cladding

Known and loved for its minimal maintenance requirements as well as its durability, our selection of composite cladding provides you with long term savings, and high quality aesthetics. Manufactured using recycled materials, our cladding is suitable for residential, multi-residential, commercial, education, day care, over 50’s living, Modular buildings, and more.


Composite Screening

For more of a chic and modern finish, COEN composite screening is both modern, low maintenance, especially for hard to reach places. It’s also eco-friendly, extruded and made up from 90% recycled materials. With a long life span, these alternative wood products do not warp, bow, or twist, saving you the stress and financial burden of constant replacements.


Composite Fencing

Offered in both panel and batten fencing, our composite fencing range is here to define your outdoor living and entertaining space the contemporary way. Both of these composite timber products provide superior performance and unparalleled value over their lifetime, giving you nothing but confidence in its durability and low maintenance make.


Composite Sleepers

Resistant to sun and moisture, our COEN composite garden sleepers are the perfect choice if you want to maximise the lifespan of elements within your landscaping projects. These sleepers offer an eco-friendly engineered wood, suitable for a number of applications throughout the garden and landscaping design. They are low maintenance, durable, and sustainable.


Composite Outdoor Furniture

Designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials, our stunning composite timber products for outdoor furniture and urban design will tie in beautifully to your home or urban project. Elevate any landscape design or entertainment space with our low maintenance, modern, and resilient COEN composite wood range – it’s the future of outdoor dining.

Why Choose COEN Composite Wood?

Here at COEN, we do our part to provide customers with quality, versatile and durable composite wood products that allow them to lead a better life through sustainability. Although natural timber is beautiful, there’s nothing quite like the feel of composite wood around your home, tying perfectly with the outdoors, and blending with modern architecture seamlessly.

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Breathe New Life Into The Outdoors with COEN

Bring a modern touch to the exterior of your home with COEN and our range of composite timber. Whether it’s a fresh new deck, chic screening, or maintenance free cladding, we can do it all. Learn more about our composite wood products by calling our team on 1800 105 031 today or reaching out through our online form with more details on what you’re after.