Created for the Australian outdoors, COEN Composite Wood decking is designed to compliment modern architecture and landscapes and will look good for years to come.

+ What is Composite Timber Decking? 

COEN composite timber decking is manufactured using 88% recycled materials, offering superior ecological sustainability to timber. With UV stabilisation, termite, mould and water resistance, COEN Composite Wood is both durable & hardwearing. Composite timber decking provides a superior longevity to that of any timber counterpart while maintaining the look and feel of natural timber.

Composite timber decking is suitable for applications across residential, multi-residential, commercial and retail, education and aged care facilities, hospitality and interior fit-outs. Available in wide range of colours to suit your intended application, we supply solid and hollow composite decking boards, joists and edging products.

With an easy maintenance regime of a simple wash down with soapy water as required, you can spend more time enjoying life on your new deck.

+ Composite Timber Applications


Inspiring Australian outdoor living

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Creating stylish and effortless spaces

A premium, fully encapsulated decking board with six colour tones to suit contemporary homes.

  • Dual sided contrasting colours
  • No maintenance
  • Oil and fat simply wipes off
  • Scratch resistant
  • Hidden clip system
  • Quick & easy installation
  • P4 slip rating
  • 25 year warranty

Genesis Composite Timber Decking Profiles

Composite Wood Product Product View Profile Size (width x thickness x length) Price
Genesis Composite Timber Decking Genesis_composite_timber_brown-360x240 Cn-006-1-e1516223364967-360x100 140x25mm x 5.4m COMING SOON
Genesis Composite Timber Decking Fascia Board Genesis_ShaleGrey_FasciaBoard CN_Genesis_140x12-600x53 140x12mm x 5.4m COMING SOON

Genesis Composite Timber Decking Colour Range

Choose from a selection of contemporary colours featuring delicate colour tones.

 Marine Teak Driftwood Brunswick Chocolate Shale Grey Glacier
Composite_Wood_Colour_Swatch_Genesis_MarineTeak-1-185x300 Composite_Wood_Colour_Swatch_Genesis_Driftwood-1-185x300 Composite_Wood_Colour_Swatch_Genesis_Brunswick-1-185x300 Composite_Wood_Colour_Swatch_Genesis_Chocolate-1-185x300 Composite_Wood_Colour_Swatch_Genesis_ShaleGrey-1-185x300 Composite_Wood_Colour_Swatch_Genesis_Glacier-1-185x300

Delivering low maintenance style

A highly durable decking product available in hollow or solid profiles, with easy installation for low maintenance living.

  • Durable with through colour construction
  • Timber grain or brushed finish
  • Concealed fixing system
  • Solid board designed for high load/commercial applications.
  • Water and termite resistant
  • Won’t splinter
  • R12 & P4 slip rating
  • 15 year warranty (hollow)
  • 20 year warranty (solid)

Select Composite Timber Decking Profiles

Composite Wood Product Product View Profile Size (width x thickness x length) Price
Select Hollow Composite Timber Decking cn-140x25-HD_2-1 cn-140x25-HD_2 140x25mm x 5.4m Price Enquiry
Select Solid Composite Timber Decking CN-006-1-360x198 Cn-006-1-e1516223364967-360x100 140x25mm x 5.4m Price Enquiry
Joist for Composite Timber Decking CN-030 Composite-Decking-Joist_sml-360x271 40x30mm x 2.2m Price Enquiry
Deck Edging – Composite Timber Corner Board CN-S-e1542333675710 CN-S_56x51mm_smlweb 55x45mm x 4m Price Enquiry
Deck Edging – 72 x11 CN-13-f1_73x12-e1513842603864 CN-13-F1_73x12mm 72x11mm x 5.4m Price Enquiry

Select Composite Timber Decking Colour Range

Choose from a selection of contemporary timber colours – Jarrah, Oak, Ash Grey or Charcoal as standard.
We can also customise our composite wood to suit your needs, with custom colours of Brown and Teak available upon request.

Jarrah Oak Ash Grey Charcoal
CN-C110-Jarrah CN-C105-Oak CN-C101-Ash-grey CN-C109-Charcoal

Embossed Wood Grain Finish

COEN Composite Wood’s manufacturing process allows the composite timber to take on the characteristics of natural timber. This allows the finished product to look aesthetically similar to the natural timber counterpart, while providing the benefits of termite resistance, water resistance and uv stability.

The texture and appeal of an embossed finish mimics the natural colour changes of timber decking, with light reflecting from the grain imprints creating definition and refinement. The embossed wood grain finish is perfect for applications in commercial fitouts, pool decks and areas where additional non-slip properties are necessary for safety.


Sanded Wood Grain Finish

One of the many reasons our customers choose COEN Composite Wood is due to the finishes that we are able to achieve to suit their project needs. Through our manufacturing process we can sand or brush the finish of the composite timber to create a superior version of natural timber.

The texture and highlights of a sanded finish mimics the natural colour changes of timber, adding a warmth and ambiance to the outdoor space when used as a decking solution. The sanded wood grain finish is perfect for applications across residential entrances, education and aged care facilities, and areas where safety means a slip-resistant surface is beneficial.

Coen Composite Wood Decking looks and feels like natural timber.

Our Composite Timber Decking boards are engineered for durability and longevity.

Composite Timber is highly resistant to termites, moisture and damage from UV rays.

Benefit from a quick and easy installation process with no twisting or warping.

Suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications.

COEN Composite Timber Decking Fixings

Composite Wood Product Application Product View COEN Product
Items per
square metre
Items per pack
Stainless Steel Decking Starter Clip IMG_2562 CN-Starter-Clip Starting Clip 20
Stainless Steel Decking Clip and Screw SS_DeckingClip-360x298 CN-Decking Clip 22 per sqm 50


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