Composite decking is famous because of its durability and being easy to clean with minimum maintenance. We recommend cleaning your deck annually. There are three common ways to clean a composite deck.

The three methods to clean a composite deck are:

1. High Pressure Cleaning
2. DIY cleaning
3. Professional cleaning

We’ve found the quickest, easiest method with the least mess is high pressure cleaning. But we are going to discuss each, one by one for your assistance, and you can choose any of them according to your needs.

Let’s get started:

Option 1: High Pressure Cleaning:

Pressure cleaning is the most common and effective way to clean a composite deck to get rid of mould, dirt, and general debris. Here are some tips on this method of composite deck cleaning:

1. Clear your deck of furniture, BBQ’s, lights, plants, etc.
2. Use a pressure washer that has 1800 to 2200 Psi capabilities. Use a spray lance with or without a pressure regulator and pressure indicator on the trigger.
3. Start the pressure washer and wash the deck, sweeping left to right, working away from the house towards to the deck edges.
4. For stubborn stains, such as oil/grease, etc, use a standard decking cleaner, apply as per instructions then wash off.

As above, here are a couple of other options to consider.

Option 2: DIY Cleaning:

There are four basic steps to complete this process.

1. Initial preparations:
Clear your deck of furniture, BBQ’s, lights, plants, etc
Clean the surface of the deck with a soft broom to remove the dust and leaves from it. After removing all the debris, check the deck for any damaged boards, and note these down. You may want to replace these,
and its best to talk to your friendly team at CEON for advice on what to do.

2. Power Washing:
Wash your deck as per the pressure cleaning in the previous method.

3. Deck Cleaner:
Choose a deck cleaner appropriate for your deck – make sure to follow all the mixing and application instructions on the deck cleaner bottle, to ensure a deep clean.

4. Final clean:
Wash off the deck cleaner with the pressure washer, as per previous instructions and working away from the house and towards the edge of the deck. Look for any areas that have not cleaned to your expectation, and double down on that area with the high-pressure cleaner.

Option 3: Call the professionals:

As we all know, professionals know their job well, and they will do the jobs around the house you may not want to do.

This cleaning process is easy with the following steps:

  1. Call a professional team and book an appointment.
  2. They will come for site inspection and check the condition of your deck.
  3. Negotiate a price and set a date to undertake the work.
  4. Once they have completed the cleaning, inspect with the person who completed the cleaning, to make sure you’re happy with the results.

COEN Composite Wood Decking is easy to clean, and we recommend annual cleaning with one of the above options. For further details, view our technical guides or give us a call on 1800 105 031 and we’ll be happy to discuss information on cleaning our environmentally friendly decking.

Updated 27 March, 2024