With their resistance to sun and moisture, COEN Composite Timber Garden Sleepers are an ideal choice for maximising the life span of elements within the landscape.

+ What are Composite Timber Sleepers?

Composite timber sleepers provide an eco-friendly, engineered wood product suitable for multiple uses throughout garden and landscape design. Low maintenance and with superior sustainability to timber, our garden edging and sleeper products will not bow, warp or twist.

COEN Wood resists mould, water and sun damage, with the strength and durability required for external applications. Our sleepers are suitable for communal parks and gardens, residential and commercial settings, hospitality and multi-residential facilities such as aged-care. Being both durable and fire resistant, composite timber sleepers offer a green solution to your landscaping and garden edging needs.

+ Applications of Composite Wood


Designed to outlast natural timber.

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Composite Timber Sleepers Range

Composite Timber Sleepers are available Charcoal as standard, in a brushed finish.

Composite Wood Product Product View Profile Section Size
(width x thickness
x length)
RRP Price
Composite Timber Garden Sleepers 1.8m Length  CN-Sleeper_Charcoal 200x50mm 200 x 50mm x 1.8m Price Enquiry
Composite Timber Garden Sleepers 2.4m Length CN-Sleeper_Charcoal 200x50mm 200 x 50mm x 2.4m Price Enquiry
Composite Timber Garden Edging 100 x 50 mm   CN-028 100x50_compositescreening_sml-1-360x181 100 x 50m x 5.4m Price Enquiry

Designed to compliment the landscape with the look and feel of natural timber.

Engineered for performance, durability and longevity.

Highly resistant to termites, moisture, fire and damage from UV rays.

Quick and easy installation with no splintering or warping.

Adds a beautiful design element to gardens, parks and landscaping applications.

Composite Timber Garden Edging Design

Composite timber sleepers in a brushed wood grain finish add a sense of completion to this outdoor residential garden area. With resistance to UV rays, termite damage and moisture, composite timber is a fantastic solution to landscape design and garden edging needs. COEN Wood represents a significant environmental, time and cost savings when compared to the natural timber products available. Contact us to learn more or request a sample.


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