Project Description

Brunswick Decking, Dolphin Ave Childcare Centre

Working with Ausplay Surfacing & Shade and Polyform Construction to bring this child care centre to life was an incredible project. Using composite decking and screening to ensure a splinterless play area made COEN the best choice. Our capped Genesis Decking range ensures that any spills can be taken care of without marking or damaging the product. The resilience of our composite decking and screening means this childcare centre will look incredible for years to come.

COEN Solid Genesis Decking
(140 x 25mm)

COEN Solid Genesis Fascia
(140 x 12mm)

COEN Solid Screening
(40 x 40mm)

Brunswick, Embossed

Ash Grey, Sanded

Black Ink Architecture

Ausplay Surfacing & Shade
Polyform Construction

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