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August 2019

Deforestation accounts for the loss of 27 soccer fields every minute

  • Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests across the world to make the land available for other uses.
  • Forests still cover roughly 30% of the world’s land area, but between 1990 and 2016, over 1.3 million square kms of forest were lost (National Geographic).
  • Based on projected tree densities, it is estimated that over 15 billion trees are cut down each year, and the global number of trees have fallen by approximately 46% since the start of human civilization (Mapping tree density).
  • As the world seeks to slow down the alarming pace of climate change, the level of mass destruction of trees continues to sacrifice the long-term benefits of retaining our forests for short term economical gains.
  • Despite needing trees for the primary reason of absorbing the carbon dioxide humans exhale, logging and felling operations continue.
  • Current hardwood supplies are rapidly reducing; there is a need to replace hardwood materials with recycled composite alternatives.

20,000 plastic bottles are used around the world every single second!

  • “Plastic pollution” is quite simply defined as plastic ending up where it shouldn’t be – on the beach, in the ocean, and in the intestines of marine creatures.
  • Current research shows that more than 8 million pieces of plastic enter the oceans every single day; it is estimated that by 2050, plastic levels will outweigh all fish in the ocean (larq.com.au)
  • A single plastic bottle can last for 450 years in a marine environment. The bottle will degrade and fragment over time into smaller pieces but will remain in our environment at a microscopic level.  As such, every piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still with us on planet earth.
  • The current level of plastic pollution is so bad that scientists have recently discovered microplastics embedded deep in the Arctic ice (surfersagainstsewage.org.uk)
  • COEN’s decking, screening, fencing and cladding are all made up of 30% recycled plastic goods and will outlast your standard timber product – saving you time and money.
  • At COEN, we believe that no change is too small or too late. Our products are made from 88% recycled materials.