Interior / exterior design for houses & commercial buildings have moved ahead of the times in recent years, and provided consumers and end users with a wealth of differing possibilities on ways to re-connect with nature and the outdoors.  Many people are embracing the idea of having indoor amenities moved outside, allowing us to entertain guests in ways we have not previously been able to.

From stand-alone BBQs, to fully equipped outdoor kitchens, the trend of 2019 has been the move to outdoor showers.  It makes sense: Australian’s live for the outdoors and having a shower on the deck creates that laid-back summer holiday feel.

There are many advantages of an outdoor shower area, including:

Grounding with nature – the physical and mental health benefits associated with enjoying a relaxing shower amongst nature are huge.  3-5 minutes of quiet time each day can be incredibly calming, allowing us to stop, reconnect with nature and our surroundings and find some inner calm (

Environmental sense – council rules dependant, the water by-product from your outdoor shower can be used to directly water your garden rather than flow to a waste water-plant.

Add significant $ to the value of your property – such features are not only trendy, but also create a niche selling point for properties, adding value to your property and providing a Unique Selling Point for buyers.


Things to consider prior to setting up your outdoor area:

Waterproof decking – whilst the idea of this luxury add-on sounds great, you don’t want the hassle of annually re-staining decking or replacing rotten / mouldy boards.  COEN Composite Wood can provide the easy solution; our Composite Decking is water and mould resistant, does not need any annual maintenance, is incredibly easy to install, and comes with a xxx warranty.

Drainage – the simplest solution is to drain grey water directly back into your garden for eco-use of the water.  You will need to check with your local council prior to installing.

Positioning – choosing a sunny and well-lit location will not only provide a pleasant experience when showering, but it will reduce the drying time of the deck between uses and prevent any plumbing issues in the colder months.


So what’s next – call COEN today on 1800 105 031 and we will be happy to provide you with further information & samples so you can take your outdoor living space to the next level.