What is Composite Wood?


Composite wood is  the future of building; which is often referred to as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), Plastic Decking or Composite Decking. Composite wood [...]

What is Composite Wood?2018-07-12T01:47:38+00:00

What is COEN Composite Wood made from?


The journey for manufacturing COEN Composite Wood starts with high quality base materials. There are 3 basic ingredients. Wood flour, made from [...]

What is COEN Composite Wood made from?2021-06-22T04:17:17+00:00

Is COEN recycled?


Yes.  COEN products are made from 88% recycled product, in wood flour and HDPE plastics.  As part of our manufacturing process, we also [...]

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Are the products consistent?


All COEN products are manufactured with premium raw products that are tested, then fed into the latest extrusion machines to produce products with [...]

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Does it warp?


COEN Products do not warp, twist or bend when stored and installed correctly.

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Why do I need to leave a gap?


All Composite Woods have a lineal thermal expansion rate.  As COEN products use high quality raw products and 60% wood flour, their lineal [...]

Why do I need to leave a gap?2017-06-06T02:15:33+00:00

Does it expand?


Only linearly, COEN products don’t grow thermally in width and thickness.

Does it expand?2017-06-06T02:15:47+00:00

Will it splinter or crack?


Due to the raw material and our manufacturing processes, COEN products won’t splinter or crack.

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What lengths are available?


COEN products come in standard lengths; however, if you require a specific length, please let us know and we can have it [...]

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What colours are available?


COEN has 4 stock colours available, with a greater range available on request.  Under each product guide or brochure, you’ll see our [...]

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