Composite wood architectural screening seamlessly combines the versatility of timber with the low-maintenance durability of a composite wood. As a stylish addition to outdoor spaces, architectural screening is a versatile product that can serve a wide range of purposes. First and foremost, these products are exceptionally effective as architectural privacy screens, keeping prying eyes away from your property. They can also work well for security, acting as gates and fences, and finally can serve as a decorative feature in a variety of designs.

Composite wood represents a superior alternative to traditional timber screening, by combining the look and versatility of timber with the low-maintenance, durability of an extruded composite product. COEN are trusted manufacturers and suppliers of industry leading composite wood products. Browse our range of composite screening online, or contact us for expert advice on architectural privacy screens or general architectural screening. 

Examples of versatile application of 32 x 32 solid screening for fencing, screening and gates on of recent project in Brisbane, QLD.

Why Choose COEN Composite Architectural Screening?

Environmentally Friendly

COEN architectural screening is also taking care of the environment, with 88% recycled content – 60% recycled wood flour; 28% recycled plastic; and 12% additives.

Versatile and Stunning Design

A coherent and uniform design can be achieved across an entire project, with composite wood providing consistent product profile, quality and colour, with the added bonus of having the product cut to length in the factory. COEN is a highly attractive option when paired with contemporary homes as well as with more traditional styles, adding a sleek modern yet warm touch. A long-lasting product that won’t need repainting it’s an efficient and effective screening option, that gives you back time.

Durable and Termite Resistant

Perfect for the harsh Australian climate we all have to be mindful of, our composite architectural screening is more durable than traditional timber counterparts. Thanks to its advanced composite makeup, this screening is water resistant, allowing it to suffer from far less rotting, warping and cracking. It is also termite resistant without having to constantly apply treatment.


Battens for COEN Architectural Privacy Screens come in a variety of sizes and colours, and can be cut to length direct in the factory to suit your project needs.

Start Your Architectural Screening Project Today

Call COEN today to see how we can provide an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing finish to your build. Our experienced team can help you decide what product will best suit your project requirements. If you’re ready to start your screening project today with an order, or have any questions for our friendly staff, feel free to contact us online or by calling 1800 105 031.