Builders and Developers face many material choices for their projects. Finding a resilient and low-maintenance material in the right colour was the primary criteria for Foundation Homes, on a recent upmarket home build on the Sunshine Coast.

“The attraction to COEN Composite Wood was the “No Maintenance”, especially for the corrosive environment we have here on the Sunshine Coast”, says Ed Murphy from Foundation Homes.


COEN Hollow 90x40mm and Solid 40×40 Screening products were selected for several areas of the home.

“We opted for set lengths of the screening to be cut in the factory, so no waste of material on-site, saving a heap of time on installation as no cutting to length was required.”

The team at Foundation Homes said there is a significant cost saving compared to timber of around, 25% to 30%, in time and materials.  As there was no sanding or painting the product, and as this is a manufactured wood, there were no “wood knots” to navigate around, so no excessive waist in material or time.



“COEN Composite Wood is an easy material to work with – we used 120mm, 12 gauge Pan Head fixing screws, straight into aluminium or steel batons.”

COEN prides itself on providing a quality product, delivered in full and on time. For this project, we worked with both the developer and builder to select the right product to meet the design, delivery and budget requirements.

“From the get go, the service from COEN was exceptional – from initial consultation and installation recommendations, through to all items arriving on site in full, on time and as ordered.  During the installation, Craig was on site to see how the project was progressing.”



Would you like to learn more about this low-maintenance and durable material. For a free information session and to view samples, click here or call Craig on 0457 610 690